The reality of parenting

How did you imagine life as a parent before you’ve had kids?

Apart from pure joy you’ve probably expected difficult times, lack of sleep and less time for yourself. But being a parent feels so much more intense:

  • Not having slept through a night for months or years can bring you close to losing sanity. 
  • Your mind isn’t working, nerves are really thin.
  • Every action takes so much effort. You manage to go through the day, thanks to coffee and chocolate. But still, it feels impossible to keep up with the kid’s energy. 
  • You are impatient with your child, you shout more than you want to.
  • There are times you are hoping for a break all day long, but there is no pause button. 

Are you wondering what you are doing wrong? Most of the parents around you seem to be so happy and at ease.

You are not alone

If you want to be a patient and empathic parent, if you love your children, wish to meet their needs and have fun with them. If you wish to be vivid and healthy enough to play, carry and run. If you want a sharp and calm mind to be REALLY there for them, even through a major tantrum, illness or a rough night. And a little energy on top of that, for friends, your partner, and yourself, please! You are not alone.

Journey to being a vivid and happy parent

How can you get there? On your individual path! Only you know who can help you and who can’t. Nobody can tell you what is important to you or how you want to be with your child. You have got your unique set of skills, experiences, life circumstances, strengths and resources. I believe you can find out what these are and use them for yourself. If you wish you had somebody on your side for this process, a good coach helps you move forward with full autonomie. 

Being a patient, empathic and responsive parent has always been most important to me. It felt shocking when I realised that my low energy was threatening my ability to be the caring parent I want to be. I wanted to keep my parenting style AND be healthy and fit!

MY way to being a vivid and happy Mama

I was annoyed. Many parenting advices left me feeling unable or wrong. Many health tips did not quite fit my lifestyle with a baby. So I’ve learned to trust in myself and to actually use what I’ve already had:

  • Knowledge about biology and ancestral health. There is a mismatch between how we are wired as human beings and how we live in modern times. This is unhealthy and costs us a lot of energy. Keeping our modern lifestyle we can still rematch a bit with little daily habits. 
  • Tools for setting priorities, being productive, essentialism and organisation. These were mostly addressed to business people. I modified them to work for me as a mum.
  • Experience with mindfulness. I deepened my knowledge and practice of mindfulness and compassion… of course in a way that fits into my family life.

The day is still 24 hours long. Days might be long, nights might be short. But I can take them as they are and I like the person I am these days.

I decided to get trained as a functional health coach, so that I could help other parents experience the same.

In 1 on 1 online coaching sessions I

  • honour YOUR wisdom, knowledge, experience, 
  • help you to discover your values and strengths and how you can use them to be rested and energised,
  • support you in making plans, setting goals and changing behaviours for more energy and a fulfilled parenthood.

Contact me for a free video call.

Nursing or sleeping babies, noisy children or a messy background are very welcome. 😉

Wishing you all you need,